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Our Professional Services

Asset Development

Reservoir Management

Wireline and Slickline

Supply Services

Our services

Technical Manpower Supply/Complete Human Resources Solutions
Technical Manpower Supply  Complete Human Resources Solutions

We do supply technical manpower to oil companies in order to compliment the in-house team. Reservoir management teams can be dedicated to supporting clients’ operations on monthly or annually basis. We do supply manpower such as:

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Drillers
  • Petrophysicists ETC.
Manpower Development Training
Manpower Development Training

We run trainings for young graduates and staff of oil and gas industry. Most of our courses are technical tailored to the needs of industry. Our trainings are taken by instructors that have wealth of experienced in their individual field. The trainings (practical and theory) are done in cool and conducive environment. Some of our short courses are seismic interpretation with petrel, practical well test analysis with saphir, dynamic simulation with eclipse, static modelling with petrel, fundamental of reservoir engineering, General principles of BHP tests, well surveillance and production enhancement, drilling operations, management by influence, health safety and environments etc. Generally, our trainings cover geology/geophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering, drilling, management and HSE

Asset Development & Management
  • Management of green and brown fields development
  • Project and Well Operation Management
  • Development of JOA, Farm in & Farm-out agreement
  • Sourcing of technical partners



Reservoir Management Studies
One of the key areas SBT Petroleum `has invested so much skill is in the integrated reservoir studies for oil and gas companies. Most of the studies involve material balance, seismic interpretation/review, petrophysical analysis, field and well reviews, geological modelling, single well modelling, field-wide reservoir simulation and field development planning.

SBT Petroleum offers consultancy services in various reservoir management capacities. We carry out comprehensive reservoir/field studies that lead to FDP for asset management, for major and minor operators. We also make use of special and classical geological and engineering analysis. The use of analytical geological and engineering tools, and, static and dynamic numerical tools are employed.

  • Geological/Static Modelling
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Petrophysical Study
  • Production Optimization/Well Problem Diagnosis
  • Supervision of BHP Tests
  • Integrated Field Study
  • Reservoir Simulation Study
  • Well Test Analysis
  • Reserve Estimation Study
  • Gaslift Design & Optimization

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Supply Services
We render supply/rental services in oil and gas industry.

  • Supply of Pup Joints
  • Supply of Mud tanks
  • OCTG Supply
  • Supply of PPE
  • Supply of Drill Bits
  • Equipment procurement and rental services
  • Supply of Chemicals ETC
Wellhead Services
Wellheads, valves and their actuators are key assets in oil and gas industry. Ensuring they work properly is key to hitch free operation. Our expertise covers various wellheads, chokes and valves including Cameron, Vetco, Gray, FMC and Kraerner.

  • First and second line maintenance
  • Repair, refurbishment and installation of wellhead equipment & accessories
  • Wellheads completions
  • Tools rentals; lubricators, x-overs, drilling spools/adapters
  • Repair, refurbishment and installation of chokes and valves
  • Supply of valves (gate, ball, globe, check, butterfly and plug)
  • Supply of actuators
Downhole Memory Gauge
Our quartz gauge records elapsed time, pressure and temperature data in an internal memory. These gauges can be powered by lithium batteries below ground or from the surface using a wireline power supply.

  • Quartz memory gauges can be programmed to sample at a user determined rate which can be fixed or variable.
  • Standard storage capacity of this gauge is 1,000,000 data points.
  • Gauges ca withstand pressure of up to 16000 psi and temperatures of up to 177ᵒC (35ᵒF)
Supervision of BHP Test and Analysis of BHP Tests
We advocate that BHP data users must supervise BHP test. The main reason is that most of the contractors are not careful in taking BHP data because they lack the understanding of the importance of running the test. And this is why many BHP data are not useful after acquiring them. Therefore, there is a need to supervise BHP tests by the professionals who understand the principles and use the data. This must be from planning stage to running the test. We do this in order to assist the client to optimize such tests.

We have experienced personnel that have been analysing BHP for more than 20 years and have gained a lot of experience in this. Apart from analysing BHP data, we train people in this area also. This analysis can give us productivity index, permeability, skin, build up, draw down, stimulation candidates ETC. SBT Petroleum QAQC BHP data, analyse static gradient and flowing gradient. We also analyse build up and draw down period in order to determine

  • Permeability, Skin
  • Productivity index,
  • Boundary Condition,
  • Average reservoir pressure,
  • Stimulation candidates,
  • Hydrocarbon pressure of the reservoir etc.

BHP Analysis derived information can be used for

  • Reservoir Surveillance
  • Material Balance Calculation
  • Gas Lift Optimization
  • Determination of Stimulation Candidate ETC.
Wireline and Slickline Services
We run wireline and slickline services. Our wireline services involve lowering equipment or measuring devices in to a well for the purposes of well interventions and reservoir evaluation.

Slickline operations involve maintenance, such as the removal of wax, scale, sand and fill build-ups, terminating flow and setting hydraulic packers using sealing plugs, gauge cutting, setting or removing plugs, deploying or removing wireline, control of sliding sleeves to open and close access to zones and the replacement of gas lift valves.

 Slickline Operations

  • BHP Survey
  • Static Gradient (SG) Survey
  • Flow Gradient (FG) Survey
  • Build Up Gradient (BUG) Survey
  • Wax Cutting
  • Open/Close SCSSSV
  • SCSSSV Change Out and Storm Choke Services
  • Plug Setting & Pulling Services
  • Swabbing Services
  • Gas Lift Optimization
  • Drift Run/Sand Bailing Services
  • Slickline Zone Changer
  • Drill Stem Testing


Quality service is what we get from SBT Petroleum. Their personnel are dedicated to delivering good job at right time in a cost-effective manner.


Ipinyemi Gbenga, Development Manager at Waltersmith Petroman.

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