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SBT Petroleum Geoscience School

About the Program

This is a diploma certificate training approved by Nigerian Board for Technical Education. The main aims and objectives of this training is to bridge the gap between university and industry. This is a six-month program that runs from soft skills, through theory to practical. 30% of the program is theory while the 70% is purely dedicated to practical with all sort of software as applicable in oil and gas industry. The software includes IP or Techlog for Petrophysics, Petrel and Decision Space Desktop for Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Static Modelling, Eclipse and Petrel RE for Reservoir Simulation ETC.


Duration: 6 Months                                                 Certificate: Post Graduate Diploma


Program Objective

  • It will expose the Participants to different software as applicable in oil and gas industry.
  • It helps to block the gaps between classroom knowledge in the university and what is obtainable in the industry.
  • This will enable the participants to show case himself or herself anywhere in the world.
  • It will bring the Participants close to oil and gas industry standards.
  • And most importantly, it will make it easy for the Participants to get jobs in oil and gas industry as a Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, Production Geologist or Reservoir Geologist.


Course Outlines

Module One

Introduction to Petroleum Industry

General Health, Safety and Environment

Leadership and Management Skills

Effective Report Writing and Presentation Skills


Module Two

Sedimentology and its Application

Application of Sequence Stratigraphy

Reservoir Geology

Formation Evaluation 1

Elements of Seismic Interpretation

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering I

Advanced Reservoir Engineering II

Overview of Reservoir Management

Structural Geology

Introduction to PVT Sampling, Analysis and Modeling

Introduction to Drilling Technology


Module Three

Seismic Interpretation with Petrel

Seismic Interpretation with Decision Space Desktop

Petrophysical Analysis with Interactive Petrophysics (IP)

Static Modeling with Petrel

Theoretical Principles of Reserve Estimation

Material Balance Study with MBAL & Decline Curve Analysis

Practical Well test Analysis with Sapphir

Production System Analysis with Perform and PROSPER

Dynamic Modeling with Eclipse (Reservoir Simulation)

Petroleum Economics


Module Four

Practical Field Development Study


Who Should Attend?

This is designed for new graduates who want to work in oil and gas industry. Graduates like Petroleum Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Geologists, Geophycists, Chemical Engineers ETC. It is good for people who have graduated for a long time but working in non-oil and gas industry and is ready to convert to oil and gas industry now.


School Fees

N645,000.00 (Payment in three installments, within the program duration, is allowed)


  • Award of Certificate.
  • Professional Training Materials



  1. Go to “Register Now” button and fill the form and send it. You will get “message sent” if it is successful.
  2. You will get confirmation of your registration within two working days when you will be asked to go ahead and make payment.
  3. Go ahead and make payment.
  4. Send your name, phone number, email address, training location, amount paid to OR SMS to +2349098171437.
  5. Upon confirmation of your payment, an electronic receipt will be sent to your mail.
  6. A joining instruction will be sent to you at least 72 hours before the training date an time.
  7. Looking forward to training date to commence your training. However, if a need to change the dates of the training arises, you will be notified immediately. This may be due to unavailability of the instructors or due to unavoidable logistic challenges.




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