Overview of Subsea Systems

Overview of Subsea Systems

About the Course

This course deals with overview of subsea components and how they are integrated into field architecture. Individuals will develop a basic understanding of the various subsea components used in all water depths, from relatively shallow to ultra-deep water. The participants will all learn how the components are integrated into subsea field developments. Installation and flow assurance are emphasized as key drivers in subsea design. The course emphasizes a systems approach to design. Individual and group exercises are used throughout the course, including a case study to develop field architecture recommendations, basic component selection, and high-level project execution plans for a subsea development.


Course Objectives

  • Identify the key steps in the development of offshore fields from discovery through decommissioning
  • Understand the field architecture building blocks to define a workable field development
  • Recognize key stakeholder issues
  • Recognize offshore production facilities and structures, fixed and floating.
  • Understand the impact of the ocean environment on facilities design and operations
  • Identify major design, construction, and operational issues and interfaces of offshore systems
  • Recognize important forces on offshore structures and their influence on design and cost
  • Appreciate the basic processes and equipment involved in the topsides design and operation
  • Understand fluid transportation options and equipment
  • Recognize the marine equipment used in the construction of offshore facilities
  • Understand basic issues in life-cycle and decommissioning decisions
  • Appreciate advances in offshore technology


Course Content

Applications for subsea systems

Flow assurance considerations in system design and configuration

Field architecture considerations

Subsea component descriptions and functions

Fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning, and operational issues

Production, maintenance, and repair considerations


Who Should Attend?

Technical staff who are beginning or transitioning into the design, construction, and operation of subsea systems. Non-technical staff working with a subsea development team will benefit by developing an awareness of subsea systems.

5 Days

Course Fees (VAT Included)

Lagos/PH/Abuja: ₦ 376,250.00

UK/US/Ghana/Others: $ 3,762.50


  • Award of Certificate.
  • Professional Training Materials



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