Hydrocarbon phase changes in surface facilities/ Basic Production Operations

Hydrocarbon phase changes in surface facilities/ Basic Production Operations


About the Course

This course introduces the physical and chemical behaviour of reservoir fluid from subsurface facilities through surface to the transports lines. This course focuses on the phase behaviour of petroleum reservoir fluids and phase changes when they move from one point to the other. At the end participants will be able to incorporate phase behavioural knowledge to daily work activities.


Course Objectives

The learning objectives are: Description of the origin, nature and appearance of petroleum fluids, Understanding the different systems, phases, intensive and extensive properties of reservoir fluids, Description with aid of a pressure-temperature diagram the behaviour of a pure component and multi component, To give an overview of surface facilities in relation to the functions of each of the equipments, Ability to incorporate phase behaviour knowledge to daily   work activities


Course Content

  • Introduction, Basic Principles

Production facility and types of facility

Reservoir Pressure and Temperature

Basic oil field chemistry and physical properties of reservoir fluids

Basic Oil Field Processing Scheme

  • Basic System Configuration, Phase Behaviour of petroleum reservoir fluids

Description of Wellhead and manifold, oil treatment and storage, pumps, relief valves, chokes

Phase behaviour of pure substances, two component system, multi-component system

Phase analysis and characteristics of different oil

  • Controlling the process, fluid flow from wellbore to surface

Pressure control, temperature control and level control

Phase changes from wellbore to surface, fluid flow in tubing, fluid flow in pipes (Horizontal and vertical flow)

  • Two and Three Phase oil and gas separator, phase changes in facilities

Separation, Phase equilibrium and factors affecting separation

Two phase separator – Functional part of the separator, potential operating problems

Three phase separator – Functional part of the separator, potential operating problems

  • Phase changes in selected facilities and revision.

Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Water Treatment, Surge Tank, De-gaser, Assessment


Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to Production Operators, Production Foreman, Production Supervisors and Production maintenance.

5 Days

Course Fees (VAT Included)

Lagos/PH/Abuja: ₦ 483,750.00

UK/US/Ghana/Others: $ 4,837.50


  • Award of Certificate.
  • Professional Training Materials



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